What identities do you have in the Net?

You probably have multiple identifiers and passwords you use in your network - either Local Network or in the Internet?

  • Have you ever counted how many id's and passwords you've actually got?
  • Do you frequently have to ask someone to setup or reset your password?
  • Have you written those down somewhere?
    • You didn't write them on a yellow sticker, or in the back page of your notebook visible to anyone, or did you...
  • How many times do you login to various systems during the day? 
  • Do you have easy access to all the applications and files you need in your role at work?
    • You do remember to lock your workstation when you leave it to get some coffee, don't you...
  • If you share a workstation with your colleagues, are you sure they will not see your confidential information?
  • Have you ever accidentally seen or even deleted information that you are not supposed to see, and should have no access to?

If you encounter these challenges, your net security might be at risk. How much more efficiently you might work if you could minimize the number of your id's and passwords.

If this interests you, then you're ready to talk about Identity Management!  

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Do you know your net Identities?Tiedätkö mitä se maksaa organisaatiolle?Tiedätkö ratkaisun tähän haasteeseen?
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